Best of 2018 #1: Rachel Wiley – “The Fat Joke”

Best of 2018 #1: Rachel Wiley – “The Fat Joke”

“Fat girl walks into the world and says, ‘World, it hurts to exist like this.’ And the world says, ‘So stop existing like that.’”

Heading into the new year, we’ll be counting down the top-viewed videos on Button from 2018! Coming in first on the list, “The Fat Joke” by Rachel Wiley. Congratulations Rachel!

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Note: This countdown list only covers a small fraction of the brilliant artists who let us share their work on our channel this year, and is by no means a definitive list of the “best” poems, simply the ones that got the most views. Take some time and check out more from the past year on our channel.

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Rachel Wiley – “The Fat Joke”

Performing at the 2017 Rustbelt Poetry Festival.

“Fat girl walks into the doctor’s to ask about anti-depressants and gets prescribed exercise instead, because obviously her depression is because of her fat, and obviously fat bodies never exercise and stay fat.”

Don’t miss this marvelous poem from Rachel Wiley, performing at the 2017 Rustbelt Poetry Festival.

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