Nothing Is Okay
Nothing Is Okay
Nothing Is Okay
Nothing Is Okay
Nothing Is Okay
Nothing Is Okay
Nothing Is Okay

Nothing Is Okay


Rachel Wiley, 2018.



Nothing is Okay is the second full-length poetry collection by Rachel Wiley, whose work simultaneously deconstructs the lies that we were taught about our bodies and our beings, and builds new ways of viewing ourselves. As she delves into queerness, feminism, fatness, dating, and race, Wiley molds these topics into a punching critique of culture and a celebration of self. A fat positive activist, Wiley’s work soars and challenges the bounds of bodies and hearts, and the ways we carry them.

2019 Ohioana Book Award – Winner, Readers’ Choice

About Rachel Wiley

Rachel Wiley is a queer, biracial poet and performer from Columbus, Ohio. She is a fellow and faculty member of the Pink Door Writing Retreat held annually for women and nonbinary writers of color in upstate New York…. MORE

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