St. Trigger


Aaron Coleman, 2016


Aaron Coleman’s St. Trigger, winner of the 2015 Button Poetry Prize.


Button Poetry Prize 2015 – WINNER

Praise for Aaron Coleman

Aaron Coleman’s undeniable St. Trigger breaks open the conflicted masculinities in the fist-heavy spaces around Black America. Through his hard-hitting, sonic verses, all of the frustrations pushing against Blackness in 2016—the insistent danger, the unforgiving partisanship, the violence—are transformed into necessary resilience. There is so much beauty here, too, in Coleman’s dexterous imagery. But even in the elegant spaces, these poems are looking over their shoulder just to be safe. As the speaker of “Elegy for Apogee” asks, “How close is absurdity, is irrelevance, is danger?”

—Adrian Matejka, author of Somebody Else Sold the World

About Aaron Coleman

Aaron Coleman is the author of the chapbook St. Trigger, which won the 2015 Button Poetry Chapbook Contest. A Fulbright Scholar and Cave Canem Fellow from Metro-Detroit, Aaron has lived and worked with youth in locations including Kalamazoo,… MORE

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January 1, 2016

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