When the Ghosts Come Ashore


Jacqui Germain, 2016


Jacqui Germain’s When the Ghosts Come Ashore, runner-up for the 2014 Button Poetry Prize.


Button Poetry Prize 2014 – Runner-Up

Praise for Jacqui Germain

“The poems in Jacqui Germain’s When the Ghosts Come Ashore are the cross-section of a body mid escape. Placelessness is the place, leaving only the unsafety of flesh as a hideout. Black presences break from the margins and pierce through these hard lyrics. Nat Turner saws away at the MLK Memorial in DC while St. Louis itself curses the speaker her privileges. All the white boys are dangerous and “there is a demon in everything.” Germain has made of her craft an exorcism: “Let my anger be the celebration we were never / supposed to have.” Let it. Let it.”

— Phillip B. Williams, author of Mutiny

About Jacqui Germain

Jacqui Germain is a poet, writer and student organizer currently living in St. Louis, MO. She has featured at Young Chicago Authors in Chicago, IL, at the #BlackPoetsSpeakOut event in St. Louis and several other venues around St…. MORE

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June 7, 2016

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