Crown Noble


Bianca Phipps, 2020


Latinx, queer, poet Bianca Phipps dissects intimate family relationships in hopes of understanding conflict as a means of overcoming.

Phipps’ debut explores an alternate timeline version of their own childhood and by moving back and forth between those timelines they highlight their own generational inheritance while inviting us to discover our own.

A College Spoken Word Phenom, Bianca is no stranger to plucking the heartstrings of readers and listeners. In Crown Noble they translates that charisma and flair for language to help their readers discover – even in the depths of hardship – the joy of family, of language, and of reclaiming your own story.

Praise for Crown Noble

I’m thankful for the richness of Crown Noble and how eager it is to gently dissect the triumphs, failures, and limits of love, of relationships, and of the self. There is such care in how these poems bend around their subjects, and their witnesses.

– Hanif Abdurraqib, author of The Crown Ain’t Worth Much

Bianca Phipps gives us the gift of their somber & hyperbolic imagination. They bring their heartbreak to life by continuing to build from it. What we get from this collection is their perspective after the climb, the surveying of all they’ve gotten away from & everything that’s made them. Phipps writes, “One/day, I’m going to take this wild garden mouth and make it grow something.” What a joy that we get to hold what Bianca has grown.

– Melissa Lozada-Oliva, author of Peluda

Between Crown Noble’s imagined histories and yearn filled escapes to alternate timelines, Bianca Phipps’ poems are always tethered to home. The nerve-shaking honesty with which Phipps interrogates the complexity of that tether, ‘with anger, with adoration,’ is what makes this collection a stunning meditation on familial bonds, inheritance, and what we owe to where we come from.

– Kevin Kantor, author of Please Come Off-Book

About Bianca Phipps

Bianca Phipps (they/them) is a queer Latinx poet, actor, and teaching artist from San Antonio, TX. Currently based in Chicago, Bianca’s work has appeared in Persephone’s Daughters, Blue River Review, Heavy Feather Review, and on Button Poetry. Surprise,… MORE

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August 25, 2020

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