Please Come Off-Book

Please Come Off-Book


This item will be released March 23, 2021.

Kevin Kantor, 2021.

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“Frailty, thy name is the gender binary”

In Please Come Off-Book, Kevin Kantor crafts a raw and vulnerable confluence between two of their passions: acting and poetry, using their experiences as a trans non-binary theatre maker as an extended lens of exploration into gender identity, family dynamics, and growing up queer.

Kantor critiques the treatment of queer figures with an adroit blend of humor and earnest longing, imagining a braver and bolder future, one in which Hamlet is trans (obviously) and queer characters get to survive their own stories.

Please Come Off-Book is both a heartfelt love letter and a scathing critique of the American theatre and the lenses we choose to see ourselves through.

About Kevin Kantor

Kevin Kantor (they/them) is a trans non-binary poet and theatre maker working to deconstruct and reimagine the semiotics of gender onstage and in performance. Kevin has toured nationally with their poetry, performing & leading workshops at colleges &… MORE

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