ABC Death


An alphabet book of animals that can kill you, ABC Death is a macabre treat for children and adults alike.

Shane Hawley & Joel Erkkinen, 2018.


ABC Death is a nerdy picture book for folks of all ages. Written by Shane Hawley with intricate cartoon illustrations by Joel Erkkinen, ABC Death takes you on a journey through the alphabet of animals that can kill you, especially if you make poor life choices. From vengeful dolphins to toxic newts, you’ll never see the alphabet the same way again. Full of fun, grisly facts for the inquisitive child and wry humor for all readers, ABC Death is a macabre treat for children and adults alike.

Joel Erkkinen is an artist, animator, and award-winning film maker from St. Paul, Minnesota. His viral animated film “The World’s First Twurkey” has been viewed hundreds of millions of times all over the globe and accumulated numerous film awards. An artist by schooling and self-taught animator, Joel has always dreamed of illustrating children’s books. Humor is at the core of all of his work and he enjoys finding the most unique way possible to get a chuckle. He aims to continue his quest to inject his unique blend of humor into the homes around planet Earth and beyond for years to come.

About Shane Hawley

Shane Hawley is a writer and performer from Saint Paul, Minnesota. A fixture in the spoken word poetry scene since 2001, and a 2010 National Poetry Slam Champion, he has spent the past decade focused mostly on humor… MORE

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72 pages

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December 4, 2018

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St. Paul, Minnesota



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