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    ABC Death


    An alphabet book of animals that can kill you, ABC Death is a macabre treat for children and adults alike.

    Shane Hawley & Joel Erkkinen, 2018.

  • Depression & Other Magic Tricks


    Sabrina Benaim, 2017.

  • Dreaming of You


    Melissa Lozada-Oliva, 2021

    Hardcover, published by Astra House

  • A Little Devil In America: Notes in Praise of Black Performance


    Hanif Abdurraqib, 2021

    Hardcover, published by Random House

  • Home is Not a Country


    Safia Elhillo, 2022

    Hardcover, published by Make Me a World

  • How Poetry Can Change Your Heart


    Andrea Gibson & Megan Falley, 2019

    Hardcover, published by Chronicle