Thadra Sheridan – Waiting (1M Views!)

“Maybe I should just supplicate myself before you so you can whip me with your menu.”

Congratulations to Thadra Sheridan for topping 1,000,000 views on this amazing poem! Watch more from Thadra here and here.

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Thadra Sheridan – “Blow Job” (100K Views!)

“In my defense he said, “Would you” which I took at the time
to be a hypothetical. Would I do it, like, if the situation arose,
if I were called upon, like, for my country?”

Congratulations to Thadra on topping 100,000 views on this hilarious poem. Check out more from Thadra here and here.

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Best of 2016: Runners-Up

Best of 2016: Runners-Up

Tomorrow we’re starting our year-end countdown of the 10 most-viewed videos on the Button Poetry channel in 2016. For today, check out this list of the runners-up, poems that range from funny to political to introspective and lyrical and everything in between.

Note: This countdown list only covers a small fraction of the brilliant artists who let us share their work on our channel this year, and is by no means a definitive list of the “best” poems, simply the ones that got the most views. Take some time and check out more from the past year on our channel.

Best of Button Week 60

Taylor Steele Best of Button

“Amanda says ‘it’s lit,’ and a million hands snap in Z formation. I say ‘it’s lit,’ and I find myself burning at the stake.”

Don’t miss this week’s Best of Button playlist, featuring the top-viewed recent videos on the Button YouTube Channel. Today’s additions: Taylor Steele, Sarah Ogutu & Thadra Sheridan. Congratulations poets!

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