Neil Hilborn – “Me, But Happy” (Button Live)

Performing at Button Poetry Live.
“We can’t really be sad if we’re both sad
in the same place, right?”
Don’t miss this new poem from Neil Hilborn, performing at Button Poetry Live. Get your copy of Neil’s new book, The Future, here.

Best of 2016: Runners-Up

Best of 2016: Runners-Up

Tomorrow we’re starting our year-end countdown of the 10 most-viewed videos on the Button Poetry channel in 2016. For today, check out this list of the runners-up, poems that range from funny to political to introspective and lyrical and everything in between.

Note: This countdown list only covers a small fraction of the brilliant artists who let us share their work on our channel this year, and is by no means a definitive list of the “best” poems, simply the ones that got the most views. Take some time and check out more from the past year on our channel.

Neil Hilborn – “Traffic, Lightning, Gutter”

Performing at YouTube Space LA.

“Let me tell you what it’s like to ride a bicycle in a hurricane.”

Don’t miss this gorgeous poem from Neil Hilborn, available along with many of his others in his book, Our Numbered Days.
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Neil Hilborn – “Moving Day” (100K Views!)

“A sparrow flew just over my feet, its wings
beating against its own body, a sound not unlike applause.”

Congratulations to Neil on topping 100,000 on this gorgeous poem. You can get this poem and more in his best-selling book, Our Numbered Days.

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Best of Button Week 75

“If I were another person, I think I’d still be mentally ill. It’s impossible to imagine a color you haven’t seen.”

Don’t miss this week’s Best of Button playlist, featuring the top-viewed recent videos on the Button YouTube Channel. Today’s additions: Neil Hilborn & Ashe Vernon. Congratulations poets!
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Neil Hilborn – “Memorial Day”

Neil Memorial Day Website

“They’re holding hands like one or both of them have cancer. Or maybe it’s their anniversary, but their car was just towed.”

Don’t miss this new poem from Neil Hilborn, performing at YouTube Space LA. Check it out (along with more poems, including OCD) in his debut book, Our Numbered Days.

Best of Button Week 32

“I have been wondering, mostly, if love and sanity are the same thing. When I say I am in love I am also saying the world makes sense to me right now.”

Don’t miss this week’s Best of Button Playlist, featuring the hottest recent videos on the Button YouTube channel. Updated every week! Today’s additions: Sam Rush, Steven Willis, and Neil Hilborn. Congratulations poets!

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First Feature for Button Poetry Live

We’re excited to announce that the first feature for Button Poetry Live will be RUDY FRANCISCO​! The show will also feature a performance by Twin Cities (and internet) phenomenon Neil Hilborn​, in addition to a competitive poetry slam for major cash prizes. The show will take place on Monday, October 5 at 8:00 PM at Camp Bar in downtown Saint Paul, MN.

Remember, if we reach our stretch goal of $15,000, ALL OUR BACKERS will get to vote on a feature for one of the upcoming Button Live shows! Click here to donate (and don’t miss our incredible, limited-time rewards)!

Check out this video from Rudy: