What I Learned from the Trees


L.E. Bowman, 2021


What I Learned from the Trees delves into the intricate relationship between humans and nature, and how these often overlooked, everyday interactions affect us as individuals, families, and communities.

With a backbone rooted in primordial imagery and allegory, and a focus on how the growing disconnect with our own wants, needs, and fears creates deeper divides in our relationships, this collection is notably relevant to today’s society and the struggles we face with the ever-expanding detachment between humans and the natural world.

Aren’t all living creatures seeking a notable existence? A deep sense of belonging? Of relevance? Of purpose? Of love? How often do we yearn for these wants, yet fight the vulnerability it takes to reach them? Why do we so clearly seek each other, yet refuse to reach out our hands?


About L.E. Bowman

Lauren E. Bowman is a 34-year-old writer born and raised among the Gulf of Mexico marshes and sweeping oaks of north Florida, USA. After falling in love with writing at a young age, Lauren decided to pursue a… MORE

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September 7, 2021

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