The Madness Vase


Andrea Gibson, 2011

A Write Bloody Book

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Popular in queer communities, anti-war organizations, college campuses and women/gender studies programs, Andrea Gibson’s second book of poems, The Madness Vase’s topics range from hate crimes to playgrounds, from international conflict to hometowns, from falling in love to the desperation of loneliness.

Gibson’s work seizes us by the collar and hauls us inside some of their darkest moments, then releases out the other side.  Moments later, we find ourselves inhaling words that fill us with light. Their luminous imagery is a buoy that allows us to resurface from their world clutching new possibilities of our own, and linger in our psyches and entreat us to action. They challenge us to grow into our own skin.

By the time you finish reading The Madness Vase, you too will believe, “Folks like us/We’ve got shoulder blades that rust in the rain/But they are still G-sharp/Whenever our spinal chords are tuned to the key of redemption/So go ahead world/Pick us/To make things better.”

Praise for Andrea Gibson

“If spoken word were professional boxing Andrea Gibson would be the light weight you don’t think much of until [they] knock you flat on your ass.”

— The Denver Westword

“Andrea Gibson’s poems are active Volcano. They burn away and rebirth… a creation story in every line. They remind us that the world will keep spinning if we just push a little. This book will make you PUSH!”—, National & International Poetry Slam Champion

— Sonya Renee, author of The Body is not an Apology

About Andrea Gibson

Biography ANDREA GIBSON (they/them/theirs) is a queer author of five full-length collections of poetry, including Lord of the Butterflies (Button Poetry 2018) which sold over 20,000 copies worldwide. Winner of The Independent Publishers Award in 2019, Andrea is… MORE

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