Our Numbered Days
Our Numbered Days
Our Numbered Days
Our Numbered Days
Our Numbered Days
Our Numbered Days
Our Numbered Days
Our Numbered Days Video Preview - OCD

Our Numbered Days


Neil Hilborn, 2015.


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In 2013, Neil Hilborn’s performance of his poem “OCD” went viral. To date, it has been watched over 100 million times. Our Numbered Days is Neil’s debut full-length poetry collection, containing 45 of Neil’s poems including “OCD”, “Joey”, “Future Tense”, “Liminality”, “Moving Day”, and many, many never-before-seen poems.

“When you’re dumb enough for long enough, you’re gonna meet someone too smart to love you, and they’re gonna love you anyway, and it’s gonna go so poorly.”

– Neil Hilborn, Ballad of the Bruised Lung

About Neil Hilborn

Neil Hilborn is a College National Poetry Slam champion, and a 2011 graduate with honors from Macalester College with a degree in Creative Writing. His debut full-length book, Our Numbered Days, is now available, as well as his… MORE

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  1. Sophia (verified owner)

    I love all of Neil Hilborn’s work with poetry. All of his poems give me chills because of how well written they are. Not to mention how powerfully he delivers his poems. And the book is so well written I can’t put it down. I hope that one day I can write as humorously and as deeply as him. But really, awesome fucking book!

  2. Alyssa

    I personally really enjoy every poem Neil creates, they’re really inspiring from the words to the performance and passion, I can’t wait to read all 45 of your poems. <3

  3. SamanthaA. (verified owner)

    The cover is so smooth and Neil Hilborn is seriously a beast. I’m so obsessed with that book. My husband who isn’t really into reading is super excited for me to get done reading so he can read it, haha! I so love this book. It turned my crappy week into an exciting time.

  4. Kathy Wise (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for your book. I purchased one just to support you as my son also deals with OCD and I feel in-love with your poem OCD. I now, have to purchase one for a young man who has decided to become a writer of poems, who also deals with some of his own issues. I consider this to be a great investment. I support you Neil and I must share you.

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