Excuse Me As I Kiss The Sky


Rudy Francisco, 2023


Excuse Me As I Kiss The Sky is the third installment of the Rudy Francisco poetry collection. With every book, the author utilizes various tools and methods to excavate his experiences and find poetry in everyday things. Rudy believes that poetry can be found in our immediate surroundings at any given moment and poignantly includes this idea as the foundation of his work.

In this book, Rudy Francisco bravely explores poetic forms such as the contrapuntal, golden shovel and the ode, while offering explanations and his approach to using the aforementioned. Excuse Me As I Kiss The Sky is meant to inspire its readers, expose them to different avenues of approaching the act of writing poetry and invites them to try it for themselves. Francisco takes the nuances of the craft that feel esoteric and breaks them down so the average person can engage and enjoy poetry in ways that feel familiar.

The author uses this book to further explore subjects such as love, heartbreak, identity and healing. Rudy takes feelings, turns them into vehicles that tell stories, exhibits how multifaceted the human experience is and how connected all of us actually are.

Excuse Me As I Kiss The Sky is insightful, commanding but also comforting in a myriad of ways.

Praise for Rudy Francisco

Rudy Francisco uses words like we’d imagine a bird to take flight: determined and effortlessly. In his newest poetry collection, Excuse Me As I Kiss The Sky, Francisco shows us every bit of his wingspan. Using different poetic forms becomes alchemy in how he transforms a barber into a magician, cologne into a promise, and a children’s game into generational healing. Rudy’s poetry is a valiant mirror held to each reader that has been denied flight; it is a vow to forget gravity and continue heading straight for the immensity of a blue sky.

– Yesika Salgado, author of Corazón

In Excuse Me As I Kiss The Sky, Rudy Francisco weaves together various poetic forms, hip-hop, and storytelling in a way that makes the quotidian seem spectacular. This is one of the things he is best at, making the arcane accessible in a way that allows us all, professional and pupil alike, the ability to kiss the sky.

– Javon Johnson, author of Ain’t Never Not Been Black

Consider this collection a warm-handed invitation, Rudy Francisco daring us, with dazzling innovation, to engage with form as both celebration and evolution, to embrace each poem as a cabinet of possibilities, to find, in the vastness of lived experience, a chorus that calls to us. Excuse Me As I Kiss The Sky reads like a love letter, better yet a love song, and the lyrics are just for you—a reminder that “all the things we’ve been through exist somewhere inside a melody.”

– Jay Ward, author of Composition

About Rudy Francisco

Rudy Francisco is one of the most recognizable names in Spoken Word Poetry. At the age of 21, Rudy completed his B.A in Psychology and decided to continue his education by pursuing a M.A in Organizational Studies. As… MORE

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