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6-week writing online course w/ Sean Patrick Mulroy!

Class day and time:

Saturdays in January
2:00pm CT | Jan 6 – Feb 10, 2023

Saturdays in April
2:00 PM CT | Apr 6 – May 11

Class Duration: 2 hours via Zoom

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Welcome to Button University!

Writing the Good Gay Poem: A Queer Poetic History (w/ Sean Patrick Mulroy)

“You cannot subvert knowledge until you have knowledge,” begins a famous quote by Louise Wilson, an influential professor of fashion and design whose protégées include Alexander McQueen and Louise Goldin. As members of the LGBT+ community, we are often forced to live without knowledge of our collective history. What’s worse, we often feel compelled to justify our existence to others, without access to our heritage. As poets, too, we are likely to experience that need to justify ourselves, yet again without access to knowledge of our history.

Through this course you will acquire expertise in both poetic and queer history. The goal of our six weeks together is not just to make you a better writer, but to welcome you into a community of fellow queers. With lessons in prosody that go beyond the simple elements of meter, rhyme, metaphor and simile, you will learn about poetic forms used for centuries by cultures all over the world.

After becoming familiar with how these historical forms work, you will be encouraged to break them with purpose. You’ll learn about different historical schools of poetry, from the ecstatics and the romantics to the modernists and the beats, and what their work tells you about their era.

In addition, you will be introduced to a wealth of queer heritage, from writers and artists to activists and academics, deities, emperors, secret societies, and revolutionaries, all chosen to motivate and inspire you as you continue your creative journey. Poets and queers make up some of the most dangerous and exciting minds the world has ever known—come find out where you fit in!

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Praise for Sean Patrick Mulroy

I loved this class and I learned so much! Sean is a really good teacher who truly cares about his students–he made me want to succeed and produce better material, and I’m excited to say I’ve become a much better writer. I looked forward to class all week, I’m sad it’s over!

I thought Sean was awesome. He gave us lots of feedback on our pieces and always appreciated our creativity. He never once told me an idea was bad, he always told me how to make it stronger. He helped me significantly with my writing, more than any teacher ever has.

I really enjoyed having Mulroy as an instructor because of his passion for the subject. I learned something totally new each class.

He made class fun and interesting, and I learned a LOT. He was really encouraging. You could tell he cared a lot about us as students, and about writing in general.

About Sean Patrick Mulroy

Sean Patrick Mulroy is a writer, actor, visual artist, and musician from the American South, who now lives all over the world. A nationally recognized writer in the US, Sean is a performer, an award winning professor, and… MORE

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