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6-week writing online course w/ Patrick Roche!

Author of the poetry collection, A SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE BREAKDOWN

Class day and time:

Sundays in January
2:00pm CT | Jan 7 – Feb 11, 2023

Saturdays in August
2:00pm CT | Aug 3 – Sep 7

Class Duration: 2 hours via Zoom

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Welcome to Button University!

What a Character! (w/ Patrick Roche)

Learn how to inject some character into your poems, literally! We’ll explore the role of characters in your work as we study how to flesh out and ground them. What better way to share human truths and observations than through human characters (spoiler alert: sometimes it’s non-human characters; sometimes it’s made-up characters; sometimes it’s us)!

Join us as we spend each class session reading, watching, listening to, and otherwise enjoying and discussing concepts of character and person. We’ll be reading poems from some of my favorite writers, but we’ll also be engaging with a whole bunch of other art forms and sources: pop music, literature, drag, The Muppets, TV and film, and more! Then we’ll spend time writing to prompts inspired by the themes and readings of the week. We’ll tackle the character of the self, foils, persona, characters we observe in the world and ones we make up. We’ll also explore specific archetypes and phenomena within literature, e.g. the “madwoman in the attic.”

Sign up and get ready for some real character development!

Patrick is the author of the poetry collection, A SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE BREAKDOWN

Have questions? Visit the Button Workshop FAQ page or contact support@buttonpoetry.com

About Patrick Roche

Patrick Roche is an award-winning poet, mental health advocate, and Carly Rae Jepsen enthusiast from New Jersey. Videos of Patrick’s work have amassed 9 million views on YouTube, making him one of the most popular spoken word poets…. MORE

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Day of the Week

Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays


January, August

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