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6-week online writing course w/ Button author Ollie Schminkey!

Author of the poetry collection, DEAD DEAD JOKES

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Wednesday Classes
8:00pm CT – Start September 20, 2023

Saturday Classes
2:00pm CT – Start September 30, 2023

Class Duration: 2 hours via Zoom

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Welcome to Button University!

Odes and Elegies: Form Poems for This Century (w/ Ollie Schminkey)

Sonnets aren’t just for Shakespeare (or high school English classes)! All types of form poems can be useful and engaging for contemporary poets. Having “rules” to follow can help us push our work in new directions, say something old in a new way, and add depth and texture to our manuscripts. (And, of course, help us have fun!)

This 6-week workshop series, led by poet and author Ollie Schminkey, will give poets of all experience levels the tools to write the dreaded (but exciting!) “form poem.” We’ll be looking at only modern examples of these forms (this ain’t your great-great-grandma’s poetry workshop), including ode, elegy, sonnet, sestina, haiku, prose poem, and my personal favorite, the contrapuntal.

This workshop will be primarily generative, but it will also include tips and tricks for how to edit different types of form poems (which can be tricky while still sticking to the rules).

Beginners are welcomed and encouraged! Experienced folks are welcomed and encouraged! Everyone is welcomed and encouraged!

Check out more work from Ollie in their poetry collection, DEAD DEAD JOKES

Have questions? Visit the Button Workshop FAQ page or contact support@buttonpoetry.com

About Ollie Schminkey

Ollie Schminkey is a non-binary transgender poet/musician/artist living in St. Paul, MN. They facilitate, direct, coach, and host many organizations, including a weekly writing workshop called Well-Placed Commas, which serves primarily queer and trans writers. They’ve performed poems… MORE

Additional information

Day of the Week

Wednesdays, Saturdays

Class Size

35 Students

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