Best of 2016 #1: Blythe Baird – “Pocket-Sized Feminism”

Best of 2016 #1:
Blythe Baird – “Pocket-Sized Feminism”

“Once, my dad informed me sexism is dead and reminded me to
always carry pepper spray in the same breath.”

Finishing up our year-end countdown of the top poems of the year on Button Poetry’s channel, our final entry, the most-viewed poem of the year, is Blythe Baird’s “Pocket-Sized Feminism.” Congratulations Blythe!

Note: This countdown list only covers a small fraction of the brilliant artists who let us share their work on our channel this year, and is by no means a definitive list of the “best” poems, simply the ones that got the most views. Take some time and check out more from the past year on our channel!