The following statement reflects Button Poetry’s stance on Palestine


Button Poetry, first and foremost, believes in a Free Palestine.

Palestinians have been the victims of ongoing violence and an encroaching system of apartheid enacted by Israel.

The escalating violence against the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza, and the Western support that enables it, can and must be brought to an end.


From Amnesty International:

“Laws, policies and practices which are intended to maintain a cruel system of control over Palestinians, have left them fragmented geographically and politically, frequently impoverished, and in a constant state of fear and insecurity.”


Especially in light of the rise of hate crimes and targeted violence around the world, Button Poetry condemns all forms of antisemitism and islamophobia.


Please consider donating to aid the victims of ongoing violence:


We will be adding to this resource list as time goes on:

  • Several open letters contributed to by writers we are affiliated with:



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