Duck Washington – “In Sickness”

Performing at the Erotic Slam
“I have seen you at your most horrific, a nightmarish concoction of ailments and vapor rub, and I couldn’t be more smitten.”
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Writing Prompt #1

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Writing Prompt #1 (w/ Ollie Schminkey)

Hey Button fans! We know a lot of you are writers yourselves, and we’re excited to be launching a new series on this blog featuring writing prompts to help you with your own writing. If you’re comfortable, please share what you write in response to the prompt in the comments below this post!
Today’s prompt comes courtesy of Ollie Schminkey. You can check out some of Ollie’s work on the Button channel here, here and here. The prompt is as follows:

Write a love letter to someone who has betrayed you.
What have they given you? What have they taken?

Again, feel free to share whatever you write in response to the prompt in the comments below this post (you can use an anonymous name if you’d prefer, and your email address won’t be public). We look forward to seeing your work!

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Ollie Schminkey is a white, non-binary transgender poet/activist/ musician/artist. They facilitate, direct, and host many organizations, including the Macalester Poetry Slam, Well-Placed Commas (a weekly poetry workshop with Word Sprout, Inc.), and OUTspoken! (a queer open mic). They have also represented the Twin Cities in numerous national poetry competitions, and they are the author of one chapbook, The Taste of Iron. Publications that feature their work include Write Bloody and Andrea Gibson’s anthology, We Will Be Shelter, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and 20% Theatre Co’s The Naked I. They have guest curated two shows, Rage, and STARE BACK, at the Fox Egg Gallery. You can find more of their work at