The Smell of Good Mud

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Lauren Zuniga, 2012

A Write Bloody Book

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It’s not safe to leave the house without this field guide to curtsies and blisters.

Nationally acclaimed for her poem, To The Oklahoma Lawmakers, which MoveOn(dot)org called “The most riveting message about the war on women in under three minutes,” Zuniga’s newest collection of poetry, The Smell of Good Mud, explores the wild terrain of queer, feminist, collective living in the conservative state of Oklahoma. Set in a house named Clementine, these poems offer a communal meal, a radiant love affair and the inner carnival of a single mother.

About Lauren Zuniga

Lauren Zuniga is a nationally touring poet and teaching artist. She is the founder of Oklahoma Young Writers. In 2010, she was nominated for Oklahoma Poet Laureate. She serves on the board of the IAO Gallery, tours for the Oklahoma Arts Council. She has competed in 9 national level poetry competitions. She has worked as a vacuum saleslady and a political therapist. She currently lives with her two kids at Clementine Women Artist Collective in Oklahoma City.

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