Best of 2015 #5: Crystal Valentine – “Black Privilege”

Crystal countdown post

“Black privilege is me having already memorized my nephew’s eulogy, my brother’s eulogy, my father’s eulogy, my unconceived child’s eulogy.”

For the next five days heading into the new year, we’ll be counting down the top videos on Button from 2015! Coming in fifth on the list, “Black Privilege” by Crystal Valentine. Congratulations Crystal! Watch the video below.

Best of Button Week 31

“Ever since a cop told me that my son looks older than he actually is, I don’t let him walk home from school anymore.”

Don’t miss this week’s Best of Button Playlist, featuring the hottest recent videos on the Button YouTube channel. Updated every week! Today’s additions: Will Evans, Kai Davis, Miriam Harris, and Patrick Roche. Congratulations poets!

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