Button Poetry Live

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Button Poetry Live has been suspended due to the pandemic. Currently we have no firm plans to reboot the event series. 


Button Poetry Live is a monthly poetry show in Saint Paul, MN, featuring renowned artists as well as poetry slam competitions open to the public. The show takes place the first Monday of every month at Park Square Theatre Company in downtown Saint Paul.

For information about the next show and to get tickets, check out the Button Poetry Live website!

About the poetry slam at Button Poetry Live:

We believe that our show is best when it is balanced and engaging. In order to help accomplish this, for each show, we work to place both experienced and new poets up on our stage with a draw. Additionally, to accommodate folks with disabilities or mobility issues who may have trouble getting to a show, or folks who are coming from out of town, we give special consideration to them, including pre-reserved spots in the draw. If you are interested in competing in a slam and one of those applies to you, please reach out to events@buttonpoetry.com at least one week prior to the show. We will do our absolute best to accommodate you!