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Zack Grey, 2023

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Siren, Zack Grey’s fifth poetry collection, speaks to the uncertainty of love—of something so vast it has the capacity for both danger and beauty. With just a few lines, Grey’s poems take the shape of bite-sized bits of wisdom that linger long after we finish reading. Organized into four sections, the book traces the ways we find each other, lose each other, are led by each other, and the stubborn persistence of love throughout it all.

By weaving his experiences together, Grey creates a space of comfort for the reader. His words are a source of healing—they beckon us to rest in our peculiarities by claiming that the dark and light inside us does not need to battle, rather, they can simply coexist.

At times the poems are dreamlike and drunk off romance—other times they are sobering with their use of direct language. But every poem manages to awaken us to the overlooked, nuanced moments between people. With endless lines of oceanic imagery, Siren is water itself, holding its reader with a gentleness that asserts our place in the world

About Zack Grey

Zack Grey is the author of four full-length poetry collections: Dear Midnight (2019), To A Girl I Haven’t Met (2017), and most recently, The Space Between Us: Poetry & Prose (2020) – co-authored with best-selling author Courtney Peppernell…. MORE

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