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6-week online writing course w/ Junious ‘Jay’ Ward!

Author of the poetry collection, COMPOSITION

Class availability:

Sunday Classes
2:00pm CT – Start July 30, 2023

Class Duration: 2 hours via Zoom

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Welcome to Button University!

Such A Vivrant Thing! (with Junious ‘Jay’ Ward)

An alternate name for this workshop might be Breaking Our Language, or Getting Out Of Our Own Way, or Refresh! It’s not hard to get into a rut with our writing. I don’t necessarily mean a rut where we can’t write at all, but rather I’m alluding to those times when what we write feels familiar to us, like we’ve written about similar topics in similar ways.

What we need is a refresh, a new language, a new way to immerse ourselves into the poem, wind through its maze and feel that exhilarating rush when we finally emerge on the other end. Over the course of six weeks we’ll embrace tools and prompts that will jar us from our default way of writing.

We’ll also explore ways to interact with memory, sound, and form to make our work feel more alive, more vivacious and vibrant or—as Q-Tip would say—vivrant!

Check out more work from Jay in his poetry collection, COMPOSITION

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About Junious ‘Jay’ Ward

Junious “Jay” Ward is a poet living in Charlotte, NC, and the author of Sing Me a Lesser Wound (Bull City Press). Jay is a National Poetry Slam champion, an Individual World Poetry Slam champion, and Charlotte’s inaugural… MORE

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Thursdays, Sundays

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